Our L.A. Voices - Day 2

Featuring: Ofelia Esparza, Rosanna Esparza Ahrens, Jonah Elijah, Jocelyn Ayala, Alejandro Cohen and Peter Walker 

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April 22, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

LIVE WORKSHOP: Milagros presented by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the NEA BIG Read, featuring Ofelia Esparza and Rosanna Esparza Ahrens

Featuring master altar builder and National Endowment fellow Ofelia Esparza, this session will explore the question, “What is the miracle needed right now?” Alongside her daughter, Esparza will invite viewers to tap into their artistic abilities to create a Milagro, which is a religious folk charm. A list of suggested craft materials will be posted on the website.

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MILAGROS Live Workshop Instructions

Milagro, means Miracle en English. Throughout Latin America, Milagros, are small metal charms representing human anatomical

body parts, animals, objects, a person or deity. Milagros are symbols that serve as reminders of a promise made, a prayer

for healing or protection, a wish for something wanted or needed, a vow of gratitude for a blessing already received.

They are placed on small shrines or a special place where one can spend quiet time in prayer/meditation. 

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TALK: Conversation with L.A.-based artist Jonah Elijah

Jonah Elijah’s work encapsulates Black life in America and addresses controversial issues that impact the African American community. Using materials to explore economic inequality, displacement, and human rights, Jonah Elijah’s artist practice embraces discomforting realities.

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ARTS-BASED FAMILY WORKSHOP: Welcome to My Neighborhood! presented by Jocelyn Ayala of the dA Center for the Arts.

Arts educator Jocelyn Ayala will take Angelenos on a walk around Downtown Pomona to point out the city’s most eye-catching features. She will then use that narrative to teach participants how to create a vision board for what we would like our neighborhood to look like post-COVID. Suggested supplies for at-home participation include paper, pencil, pen, watercolors and any art supplies on hand.

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INTERVIEW: Conversation with Changing Landscapes artist Peter Walker presented by AKP Recordings

In this interview, dublab’s Alejandro Cohen and Arthur King’s Peter Walker will discuss the multi-layered project that began on a remote Scottish island and turned into a record, the Changing Landscapes film and pop-up gallery exhibition in Los Angeles. Changing Landscapes is available for on-demand viewing April 15–30, 2021, at olav.grandparkla.org.

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