MILAGROS Workshop Instructions

Milagro, means Miracle en English. Through out Latin America, Milagros, are small metal charms representing human anatomical body parts, animals, objects, a person or deity. Milagros are symbols that serve as reminders of a promise made, a prayer for healing or protection, a wish for something wanted or needed, a vow of gratitude for a blessing already received. They are placed on small shrines or a special place where one can spend quiet time in prayer/meditation. 

This session will explore the question, 'What is the miracle needed right now?' We will tap into our artistic abilities and create a Milagro to ourselves.

Materials needed:

• A piece of aluminum foil if you have it available, or any king of shiny paper (could be from a bag of chips – be creative

• glue

• paper, dull pencil (not sharp)

• ink pens or markers

• any type of art materials you have available to decorate your piece. 


• You can DRAW YOUR OWN – or - you can use one of the symbols provided at the end of this worksheet. (created by Ofelia)

• Once you have your symbol ready, follow these instructions

1. Stack-up a few pieces of paper

2. Place a piece of foil* on the stack

3. Place your drawing on foil and trace